Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Getting started with program structure

Develop a workflow structure for project lifecycle usability testing for any library project with a web-based interface


What are the stages of a project lifecycle?
  • Selection -- Creating, imagining the project
  • Planning -- Establishing steps, timeline, resources, sequence of activities to complete the project
  • Execution -- performing the activities outlined in "planning"
  • Termination / Maintenance -- finishing the activities (termination) / finishing the activities and passing the project to an oversight/operational group (maintenance)

At which stages should a usability component be inserted?
  • Selection -- include usability studies as part of the user research that informs project selection
  • Planning (implementation planning) -- 1) refer to (sections of the guidelines/handbook); 2) include usability testing/activities as part of the project timeline, requirements, and milestones; 3) consultation with usability group
  • Execution (implementation) -- [obviously]
    • (see web development roles)
    • (see checklists for those roles)
    • (including usability testing)
  • Termination (completion) (at least the "termination" of Phase X)
  • Maintenance (moving into Phase X+1) -- separate usability calendar/process for existing local web products (when a new product is completed, it may move into the "maintenance" function)

What usability activity/ies should occur at those stages?

Who performs those usability activity/ies?

What documentation of the completion of usability activity/ies should there be?

If a usability activity results in a recommendation of changes to some aspect of the project, what process ensues from that?

If project participants dispute the findings of a usability activity (i.e., they don't want to make recommended changes), what happens?

How do we define different levels of projects?

My Hypothetical Web Project
  1. I make up my little web project

    • Where will this project live when it’s done

      1. Library Public Web site -- WAC / Usability Group
        (formalize the process of proposing new stuff, e.g. web form submission, etc)

        1. little project -- use existing models/checklists/processes

        2. big project or unique service -- (more involved consultative process)

      2. Library Intranet -- Intranet Group / Usability Group

      3. OPAC -- Voyager Group / Usability Group


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